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AMAL - Spoken Arabic for All Learning Arabic as a Language of Peace

Established in 2010, AMAL (the Hebrew acronym for "Spoken Arabic for All") is a non-profit Israeli organization working to mainstream Arab culture and refute the negative stigma towards it in the Israeli society by teaching Spoken Arabic in Hebrew-speaking Israeli schools. By making the knowledge of Arabic and Arab culture more accessible to Jewish, non-Arabic speaking children, we aim to promote an atmosphere of peace, tolerance and mutual respect between Jews and Arabs in the Israeli society.

Why do we teach Spoken Arabic?

  1. Mainstream Arabic in Israel

    Expand knowledge of Arabic, spoken by 20% of Israel's citizens, in the general public

  2. Learning Arabic is Fun

    Make Arabic accessible. Motivate young people to learn the language and the culture.

  3. Spoken Arabic

    Give kids practical tools for interpersonal communication.

  4. Fighting Racism One Word at a Time

    Learning Arabic and cultivating relationships between Jews and Arabs helps to reduce stereotypes and prejudice towards Arabs.


The teachers of the project that teach Arabic in Jewish Elementry schools are Arab University students who want to make a positive impact on our society.


The entire school community benefits from a truly unique and meaningful social and educational experience. Meeting "the other" evokes questions and moral dilemmas that encourage awareness, empathy, tolerance and social solidarity.


AMAL is a joint project, run by PERACH (Israel's National Mentoring Program) and The Association for the Promotion of Spoken Arabic. Perach's mentors and mentees come from all facets of Israeli society, Jews and Arabs, religious and secular. PERACH's model is based on interpersonal relationships that empower both sides and strengthens social cohesion and tolerance. For their activities, the students receive a stipend towards their academic tuition.

What are people saying about AMAL?

The activities with the Arab students are an opportunity for us to meet people that are different from us and that speak a different language. We learn a lot fro them and they also learn a lot from us. We're different, but also very similar in many respects. We are all human beings." Amit-4th grade -Tel-Aviv

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Would you like to make a donation to AMAL and by so doing, promote Arabic studies as a bridge towards shared society? Contact us and together we'll work to narrow the linguistic, cultural and awareness gaps between Jews and Arabs in Israel.

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