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A.M.A.L. is the Hebrew acronym for “Spoken Arabic for All”. The A.M.A.L. program is operated by “The Association for the Promotion of Spoken Arabic” (A.P.S.A.) and “Perach” (Israel’s national mentoring program). Arab students taking part in the project teach Spoken Arabic and Arab culture in Jewish elementary schools. The program aims to replace the popularly accepted equation, Arabic=Arabs=potential enemies, with a new equation, Arabic=Arabs=potential friends.

In addition to exposing Jewish children to Arabic and to Arabs, the program offers Arab students a unique opportunity to integrate into a Hebrew speaking organization. A.M.A.L. provides the professional and personal support that is needed to learn from this experience and maximize its potential benefits. For most of A.M.A.L’s students, being accepted as equals in a Jewish school is an empowering achievement.


  • Jewish school children get a chance to have a meaningful, caring and supportive relationship with a positive  Arab role model and attain useful tools for effective communication in Arabic
  • Arab students get financial support in the form of university scholarships and the chance to gain valuable work experience
  • Schools get an (almost) free educational program that is in line with values such as co-existence, pluralism, tolerance and peace
  • The whole community is influenced by the relationships that are nurtured between Arabs and Jews

We need your help! 

For the past four years we have proven that our program works; that when young Arab students work diligently, in a structured manner with Jewish youngsters, bridges are built and values of shared society are promoted. But we can’t do it alone! Your generous support is needed to both keep the program running and allow us to expand, so as to reach additional communities.

What am I paying for?

The cost of adding one student-teacher to the program is approx. 2,000$. That includes the scholarship and all additional fees relating to training, transportation, insurance, etc. So basically the more money we raise the more students we can recruit. Please note that each Arab student works with at least 45 Jewish kids throughout the whole school year. In other words, each 2,000$ donation

ensures that at least 45 Jewish youngsters won’t grow up without ever having a meaningful long term relationship with an Arab (that’s less than 50$ for every kid that takes part for a full year!!!).

Is this legit?

The A.M.A.L. Program has been supported financially by The Kathryn Aims Foundation, The Levi Lassen Foundation, The British Council in Israel and works in cooperation with the Davidson Institute in The Weizmann Institute of Science.

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Registered Israeli NGO/NPO organization number: 580509081

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