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 AMAL, the Hebrew acronym for “Spoken Arabic for All”, is operated by “The Association for the Promotion of Spoken Arabic” (A.P.S.A.) and “Perach” (Israel’s national mentoring program). In our program, university students from the Arab society teach Spoken Arabic and the foundations of Arab culture in Jewish elementary schools, thus promoting our mission of a shared society with multicultural relations based on mutual respect.

Who benefits from AMAL?

We benefit entire communities whose children are given the opportunity to study Arabic and encounter educators from the Arab society for the first times in their lives.  Not less importantly, the  student-teachers are provided with financial support in the form of university scholarships, alongside valuable work experience.

We need you! 

Our program works; when young university students work diligently, in a structured manner with Jewish children, new intercultural bridges are built. Your generous support is needed to both keep the program running and allow us to expand, so as to reach additional communities.

What will I be supporting?

Your donation will add to scholarships for our student-teachers from the Arab society. Each student works with at least 45 children throughout the whole school year.  The more university students available to teach – the more children are acquainted with the Arabic language and culture.

The A.M.A.L. Program has been supported financially by The Kathryn Aims Foundation, The Levi Lassen Foundation, The British Council in Israel and works in cooperation with the Davidson Institute in The Weizmann Institute of Science.

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Registered Israeli NGO/NPO organization number: 580509081

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