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AMAL - Spoken Arabic for All Teaching Arabic as a Bridge to Shared Society

AMAL teaches Spoken Arabic to non-Arabic speaking elementary school children in Israel. We do so by training university students from the Arab society to become Arabic teachers and make their culture and language accessible to children who have never encountered it in a meaningful way beforehand.


Our vision is a more tolerant and open minded Israeli society, in which Jews that don’t speak Arabic are the exception, not the rule. We see ourselves as citizens of a modern liberal society, in which Arabic and Hebrew, as well as Arabs and Jews, live side by side in peace and common respect.

Management Team

Aya Haj Yehye
Aya Haj Yehye Student Coordinator
Heba Natur
Heba Natur Pedagogical Manager
Roi Zilberberg
Roi Zilberberg Founder and Director
Ishmael Ben-Israel
Ishmael Ben-Israel Founder and Director

Our Goals

  1. Expose Jewish kids to the Arabic language from a young age and help them acquire tools for basic conversation in Spoken Arabic.

  2. Create en environment that is conducive to the establishment of strong personal relationships between Jews and Arabs that could be a model for our society at large.

  3. Empower Arab University students to take an active role in activities that promote shared society.

  4. Give Arab students an opportunity to directly engage with a Jewish community and its culture.

Our schools


Petach Tikva

Ramat Aviv G


Ramat Hahayal




Yehuda Hamacabi



Moshav Avichail

Har Nevo